I’m NOT a nun! (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a nun/ clergyperson/ spokeswoman for your denomination/ seminary student/ postulant for holy orders?

HAHAHAAHAHAAAAAA! *snerk* *wipes eyes* No.

Not that there’s anything wrong with people who are, but God and I are both quite happy with my calling as a laywoman.

Well, who are you, then?

I’m Mary Sue. Nice ta meetcha.

Please provide more specific classifications.

I’m a 30 year old Christian, quatralingual, celibate, bisexual, mestiza, science-fiction addicted, pastry-making, ex-vegetarian, kinesthetic learning, overweight geek in Portland, Oregon with a M.Ed. in cross-cultural teaching, employed by a Big Ol’ Hospital as a Buyer. I buy things.

Didn’t you used to go by Sister Mary Hasta?

Yeah, back when I thought it provided some sort of anonymity. Stop laughing.

You do know what a Mary Sue is, right?

My legal name, on all my documents, given by my parents to honor my grandmothers, pronounced at my baptisim and confirmation, is Mary Sue. Which just makes me laugh all the harder.

Where do you go to church?

St. Thatguy the Dude is my present parish. It is a member of the Diocese of Oregon, and therefore a member of The Episcopal Church. I’ve also been known in the spirit of ecumenicisim to show up at St. Crankypants (a commentary on the saint, not the people of the parish), a Roman Catholic church in my neighborhood, for Saturday vigil. If you’re in the Portland area and interested in visiting one or both, contact me and I’ll give you their real names.

What’s your comment policy?

All comments are moderated. If the comment is longer than the original blog post, it is liable to be deleted. Anything containing copyrighted material will be deleted so I don’t get sued. I also delete anything I judge to be outside the bounds of good taste. Dissenting opinions are allowed, but if I judge you to be a shit stirrer, you’re deleted. If you don’t like this or you think I’m a meanie poopoo head, go get your own blog and whine there. This is my sandbox.

Who are your patron saints?

Saint Rita, patroness of women changing careers; Saint Bede, patron of researchers and academics; and Saint Francis, patron of wierdos.

What a pottymouth! Why do you cuss?

Got your attention, didn’t it?

4 responses to “I’m NOT a nun! (FAQ)

  1. Sister Mary Hasta!! OMG, I remember you. You commented on my old blog a few times. I often wondered about you and now I discover that you’re only a mere lay-person — someone of no consequence in the Church — someone who lacks any ecclesiastical authority — someone who is so far away from the exalted clergy that you are barely noticeable from the throne upon which I sit.

    Oh, sorry. I meant that letter for someone else. You’re the other Sister Mary Hasta!! OMG, I remember you. You commented on my old blog a few times and I’m really glad to have finally discovered you via Bishop Tim Craven’s blog. I hope that you’re well and I’m looking forward to reading your stuff. If you’d like, you can visit my new haunts where I’m still pounding on the keyboard and trying to make sense of the world. Many Blessings, Tom

  2. NancyP

    Three octave range? Wow!

  3. Ann

    I love your blog and read it every morning. Just thought, since you listed your “unfavoritest” carols, you might like this version of the 12 Days of Christmas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lH0OLKAXw3I

  4. Gracie, aka "The Father"

    Growing up in a completely Catholic community in Connecticut, I hated the Church’s Easter ceremonies with the red hot passion of the sun. (guess who’s cranky today?)

    It was the clothes. The NEW clothes, the itchy clothes. It was a freaking Resurrection Fashion Show. Oh, and black “pat and leather” shoes, which much to my dismay I learned were really “Patent Leather” shoes. Imagine my supreme embarrassment.

    Even going home after Mass and looking for the Easter baskets my wonderful mother hid about the house was awful because I didn’t like candy of any kind.

    Weird kinda Catholic, huh? My favorite nun was Sister Pascal Candle, Totally Lit.

    Bless you, my child.

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