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I dreamt about blogging.

No, I’m not kidding. Surrounded by God’s glorious creation, up a mountain with no Internet connection, after spending many hours spent in meditation (both on the Scriptures and on The Food Network), I had a dream about blogging.

And you were there.
And you were there.
You? I don’t know you. Who are you? How’d you get into my house?!

I’d taken a whole bunch of books on St. Francis with me, hoping to catch up on my reading. However, there is a branch of Powells in the terminal, coincidentally next to my gate, and they had a copy of one of my favorite scifi author’s new 700-page novel— AUTOGRAPHED! Which makes me mad, since that means she was *in* Portland and I missed her. Grrr. Oh, well, the nice thing about Powells is they don’t hike the price just ’cause it’s autographed.

When I was done with that (and it took until Thursday), I started re-reading In the Spirit of Happiness (which really has nothing to do with dogs, no matter what the blurb says). Which EVERYONE needs to read. Seriously.

As for now, I jumped back into the real world with both feet, and am still trying to catch up. I had all these big plans about getting my life in order and balancing work/prayer/rest– HA!

But I’m not giving up!

And because God knows we Episcopalian bloggers can’t post anything without mentioning GC 2006, if you haven’t read this post at Fr. Jake’s place, you really need to. It’s a copy of a .pdf that outlines some of the claims made by various people (you know who you are!) about what went on at the Convention, and what *really* happened. The most important bit to me:

Claim: That Presiding Bishop-elect, Katharine Jefferts Schori, introduced radical feminist theology by referring to “Mother Jesus” in her homily at General Convention.Fact: The image of “Mother Jesus” was used widely among patristic and Medieval theologians and Christian mystics […] These church heavyweights got their inspiration from the Bible, which itself uses such imagery. See, for example, Deuteronomy 32:18; Isaiah 46:3–4; Hosea 13:8; and Mathew 23:37.
(emphasis mine, Copyright © 2006 by Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh,

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