Unapologetically Episcopalian

Facebook informed me the other day that my cousin, the only other Episcopalian in my religiously diverse family, had ‘liked’ a group called Unapologetically Episcopalian. It was started at the beginning of May by Fr. Ron Pogue, after he had written an article about raising the profile of the church.

In that article, Fr. Ron says that one of the best ways to raise the profile of the church is…

Stop apologizing, roll up your sleeves, and get to work. ~ Who wants to come to a Church whose members talk about how we don’t have much Bible study, don’t all look and think alike, or don’t have many children or youth. We have much to offer! Our Church is grounded in a tradition that embraces diversity, exults in artistic expression, loves beautiful liturgy and music, encourages people to think and wonder, and regularly asks God to “make us faithful stewards of thy bounty.”

Sounds kind of like what I’ve been saying for a long, long time… okay, since 2003 when I became an Episcopalian.

I guard my Facebook very jealously. I don’t friend just anyone, I don’t like just any page. But I liked this page, and found a surprise bonus to liking it– Fr. Ron posts small excerpts from the BCP every day. It’s nice to see in the midst of all the drama and the games (digital and psychosocial) a small breath of prayer.


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2 responses to “Unapologetically Episcopalian

  1. Ron Pogue

    Thank you for your words of affirmation, not just for my role in U.E., but also for The Episcopal Church! Thus far, in a little over two weeks, almost 5,200 people have clicked the “LIKE” button and entered the journey with us to celebrate the many positive things the Episcopal Church is doing in 16 nations to spread the Gospel of Christ. There are plenty of places on the internet where people can debate the issues and, hopefully, find ways to resolve conflicts. This site is for those who want a place that will give voice to their love for this Church and help us all remember that everyday Episcopalians are carrying out Christ’s work, worshiping together, and experiencing the joy of Christian community.

  2. Fr David Jeffery

    I’m retired and quiescent but when I’m with friends and we “get into it” about churches, theological and spiritual, I’m in exactly the same mode. I came into the church a lot of years ago when I was a young army officer on my way to Korea, and haven’t changed my mind even a little. I love the Church. As with any group of humans, I can get put-out with her but as we develop more and more into diverse, loving, folks who increasingly want to act like Jesus asks us, how can I but be glad I found her?

    I am not going on Facebook but I love what you’re doing and I hope you’ll keep it up. Blessings and shalom, dlj.