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Meme Time!

Padre Mickey tagged me for a music meme. I think because he knows I have my new, shiny iPod here at work.
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Don’t you hate it when you start a really deep and insightful blog post and forget the important point you were reaching for and the whole thing falls apart in your hands?

 So, yeah, instead of that, today we’re going to have something absolutely pointless! YAY MEME!

Religious Symbol Quiz Religious Symbol QuizYou scored 8 out of 10

Take the Religious Symbol Quiz Quiz at

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Knew I should have cussed more.

Online Dating

Mingle2Online Dating

It got this rating ’cause I said ‘lesbian’ twice and ‘sex’ once. Which is, well… SILLY!


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Six Weird Things

MoCat tagged me a few days ago. I, however, am lazy. So I didn’t get around to it until now.

1. I have never, ever had a dream without a family member appearing in it. Even the traditional “Oh, crap, a monster is chasing me dream!” will have me run by, say, Second Cousin Mike, who’ll wave and say, “Whatcha doin’?” Thanks be to God, I don’t have sexy-type dreams.

2. I am painfully, cripplingly shy. Anyone who has ever met me is surprised by this. Mostly because I handle the crippling pain by talking a lot.

3. My love for Neil Diamond is greater than the stars in the sky. I’ve only been to three concerts in my adult life, and one of them was Neil. His was the bestest (sorry, Beastie Boys).

4. I don’t understand women. Which, you know, kinda weird, since I *am* one. Seriously, makeup? What the hell? Cover up the fact you have clogged pores by covering your face with stuff that clogs your pores. Don’t even get me started on pointy-toed high heels and skirts, and crying to get your way.

5. I hate squishy foods. This includes avocados, bananas, and mangoes. They make me want to yurk.

6. I have a huge fascination with Japan. Yes, I know a lot of geeks of my generation are in the same boat. My fascination, however, can be traced to a throwaway anecdote in an obscure Robert A. Heinlein book I read when I was 12 years old. The story tells of the tiny deer of Nara, which you can FEED OUT OF YOUR HAND! I studied the Japanese language and culture, first on my own and then formally in college. When I got my B.A., I took two weeks and actually traveled to Japan, on my own, with nothing but a passport and 200,000 yen. Finally, FINALLY I made it to Nara. A woman sold me a package of deer cookies, and I got to fulfill a lifetime ambition and feed the insanely cute little deer…

…and one bit me on the ass.

I think there’s only five people in the whole of the blogosphere who haven’t done this yet, therefore, if you haven’t done this, TAG!


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Today is my last day at my temporary gig. It’s a little more than just grabbing my coffee cup and leaving; I’ve been here for 13 months.

They’ve decided to throw me a party. Which means I’ll be doing my best to blush and stammering a lot. I like attention, I’m not a hermit, but I don’t like being the center of attention!

I’m going to be ‘unemployed’ next week (by choice, need a break, going to go hang out in the woods for a while), but I have a feeling the agency I work for is already lining something up for me.

 It still kinda sucks, because I like most of the people I work with.

Ach, weel, since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, and I am known amongst my family members as “The Irish One” due solely to the fact that, amongst our motley collection of Scotch-Irish-Spanish-N.Am.Native-German-Italian genetics, I’m the only person in the entire family (60+ people!) that sunburns. Therefore, I give you the litany I wrote for last St. Paddy’s Day. And now:

The Top Ten Irish-y Songs On My IPod

(Which are pretty much all Gaelic Storm and Great Big Sea songs, what can I say?)

  1. Vertigo – U2
  2. Punjab Paddy – Gaelic Storm
  3. March of Cambreadth – Heather Alexander [Click here, then scroll down to find a link to the MP3.]
  4. I’m a Rover – Great Big Sea
  5. An Cailin Deas Rua – Gaelic Storm
  6. The Night Pat Murphy Died – Great Big Sea
  7. I Miss My Home – Gaelic Storm
  8. Run Runaway – Great Big Sea
  9. Something To It – Great Big Sea
  10. Whiskey in the Jar – Unknown Singers in a Bar That I Just Happened To Have My Laptop and Mike Running So You Mostly Hear My Slurred Attempts and Laughing.


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Reading Assignment and Music Meme

So, um, you guys who write long, thought-provoking, interesting sermons and post them on your blog?

Yeah. I don’t read about 80% of them. Sorry.

But I started reading Tobias’+ meditations things, and couldn’t stop.


But there is yet another diurnal and nocturnal cycle at work in the world. There is something else that happens as the dawn moves across the world, and as noonday, and evening, and night do the same. There is something else that sweeps around the globe besides sunlight and spearmint. Some of the residents of this house may well remember the days when not just four but eight successive bands of human activity moved around the world like this. Matins, lauds, prime, tierce, sext, nones, vespers, andcompline skimmed across the surface of the earth by day and by night, coating it with prayer. So the bands move in their ordered rounds, and you can hear them singing, telling and retelling God’s glory in many languages, day and night imparting knowledge to each other, as their voice goes out unto all lands.

So the church’s life of prayer has a deep and intimate involvement with the cosmos.

(Sekrit message to Pisco: *koff*Eucharistic Prayer C *koff*) 

And then, there’s the Portland Public Art blog, which is always interesting and informative (especially to someone who walked past an entire hall of exemplary 19th and 20thc American art and spent twenty minutes in front of the LINDESFARNE GOSPELS OHEMGEE). The PPA blog points towards a book published by Multnomah County’s Community Justice office, Reclaiming Futures and Write Around Portland, and available for free download, called When You Were Fifteen. One of the people who submitted an article is our City Councilmember, Sam Adams, who’s a little wacky in a ‘listens to his constituents’ kind of way. When you click over to the article, there’s a rather infamous picture of Sam riding one of the Zoobomb’s mini bikes. The essay written by Sam and reprinted by PPA Blog is called, Why I Didn’t Disappear.


They’d stop me in the hall once in a while and tease me. They teased
me in a way that made the point clear – they expected me to do something with my life.

And because they showed that little extra interest in me, I realized that I should show a little extra interest in myself. It didn’t take much. I didn’t grow up in a home with a lot of positive feedback.

And now, I’ve gone tl;dr on you all, so this week’s playlist is under the cut. Continue reading

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Happy Feast of the Blessed Theodor Geisel!

Hey, I’m Episcopalian, I can saint up whomever I want!

And who deserves it more than the man who, 50 years ago, created The Cat in the Hat?

It’s the tenth annual Read Across America Day! YAY! Grab a book and get to it, people! (You furriners can read books too, I guess we’ll let you…)

(I had a double americano. YAY!)

Now, on to this week’s musical selections: You all know the drill. Put your music player on shuffle and admit to whatever embarrassments pop up.

  1. Just a Thought – Gnarls Barkley
  2. The Saints are Coming (Live) – Green Day & U2
  3. GI Joe and Pantyhose – I’m not sure, it was from a mix CD.
  4. Slash Dot Dash – Fatboy Slim
  5. Around the World – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  6. I Miss My Home – Gaelic Storm [my friend says that this Irish Folk band should have gone full stop and just named themselves “Shamrocks and Leprechauns”]
  7. Get It Like You Like It – Ben Harper [I used a line from this song as one of my post titles, it’s one of the most requested search strings on this blog]
  8. Cows/New Dress/My Crew – Greg Edmonson for the Firefly episode “Safe”
  9. Down to Earth – Luscious Jackson
  10. The Old Black Rum – Great Big Sea

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