Open Letter to the ABC

Dear Rowan, Archbishop of Cantebury,

Hi! I see you and your staff have sent out a couple letters recently. I apologize, I haven’t been able to read them. You see, I’ve been at church! It’s been a very exiting time here, we’ve added a mass midweek, and we just got finished hosting a community conference. We’ve barely had time to wash all the coffee cups, and now we’re hosting another conference, this time ecclesiastical! The kids in the cooperative daycare have painted tiles and are helping to build the mural alongside the outside wall, along with our Buddhist building partners. And there’s the music studio, and the free lunches for job seekers, not to mention the fundraising for Haiti relief!

So, I hope you’ll understand if we don’t get back to you quickly. Ooops! It’s my time to go turn the compost. We’re trying out some new initiatives to be better stewards of our Earth, and I’m sharing my talents and knowledge of how to turn garbage and rotten things into good, rich soil, perfect for growing things. I’ve got your letters around here somewhere, I’m sure I’ll get a chance to read them here any day now.

Until then, I’m going to sing when the Spirit says ‘sing!’, and obey the Spirit of the Lord.

this Child of God,
Mary Sue,

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  1. Brad Evans

    Impressive eyebrows!