Churchlady Handbag Brigade

The 82nd Division of the Churchlady Handbag Brigade consists of people (of any age, of any gender, of any denomination) who take up their metaphorical handbags and march forth into the world, ready, willing, and very able to knock sense back into people who are doing silly things. The patron saints of the Churchlady Handbag Brigade are the infinite host of ammas and babushkas and grandmamas that have done the cooking, cleaning, washing up, and who have kept the Church running on track since even before the Day of Pentecost.

(Page currently a work in progress. Nominations are gladly accepted.)

Honor Roll

3 responses to “Churchlady Handbag Brigade

  1. What a great group! I am an Italian whose mother, aunts, and grandmothers ALWAYS had their handbags ready to beat the sh** out of any “stunade” (translated into english as dumb as*) who came accross their path.

    I enjoy your blog! May I add you to mine (A Restless Heart)?

  2. Well, I volunteer. But first I have to head for the thrift store, because I don’t own a handbag. Won’t a baseball glove work?

    Oui, oui, naturalment! It’s much more practical than a lot of handbags on the market. –Mary Sue

  3. marmot

    A true Churchlady/Babushka can do what needs to be done with just a look, anyway. The hairy eyeball is a force of nature and a formidable weapon. But we still need handbags to keep our stuff in.

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