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A Time for Healing

Last night was my last shift at IKEA (formally known around here as the Big Blue Box).

I am now working only one job at Major Hospital, with regular hours and weekends off. I will get to experience this nifty thing people keep telling me about, ‘free time’. I’m also looking forward to another neat thing people have told me about, ‘sleep’.

I will really miss working there. The people are fun, the job wasn’t too awful, and stress levels were definately less (no one will die if you don’t get them a LACK table OMG right now).

But it came just in time. On Wednesday, I got back my lab results from the vampires bloodwork taken on Monday and my hematocrit and ferretin levels were sufficiently low for them to discuss transfusion. Which I talked them out of because 1) the US is in the middle of a blood shortage and b) transfusions suck.

Iron resistant anemia is full of fail (and flavor, but that’s another story).  

It takes 6-8 weeks for red blood cells to repopulate. That puts us to the end of May. I’m going to do my best to keep my arse on the couch (aided by the bone-deep exhaustion and shortness of breath which are hallmarks of iron-resistant anemia), which is 100,000% contrary to my Rural American Protestant Work Ethic.

In other news, it’s so wonderful to be seeing Bp. Lamb’s wee pudding face on all the blogs today. I adore that man, from the days he was my bish down in Dio.NorCal. LOVE!


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Plans? What the hell are those?

Looking at the calendar, this July will mark three years since I moved to Portland.

Which does a lot to explain my antsy feet.

It’s something that’s defined my adult (ha!) life so far– every three years, I pack up and move Somewhere Else.

Chico to Sacramento.
Sacramento to Portland.

And here I am again, three years later, with very little tying me down. I live in a city I love that doesn’t seem to love me back.

(Except for my church)

No permanent job, few local friends, and even they are looking eastward.

Choices swirl around me, agendas proposed by people with my ‘best interests’ in mind. They all start with ‘MOVE’.

I’m tempted to get a coin and start flipping.

Or just flat out flip out, start my own religion, and wander the United States in a nun’s habit, my veil slightly askew, chain smoking and following around the hellfire street preachers, laughing hysterically.


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Today is a Psalm Day. Actually, maybe it’s a Psalm Week.

You know, one of those psalms that cycles between weeping and elation, and then back again, all too fast for anything really to sink in until you find a quiet spot to rest.

There’s a quiet spot on the road ahead, I can just barely see it there near the horizon.

First thing, though, I have to get through the next 12 days.

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I’d like to care, but my giveadamn’s broke.

Lessee, what have I done in the last seven days?

1) Turned in notice at the Big Blue Box (Job#2). My last day will be March 30th (which means that’s also my last day of health coverage). I cited concerns for my health, which has tanked since I began working 50-60 hours a week. They may be called ‘angel kisses’, but spontaneous bruising caused by low iron levels in your blood is NOT. FUN.

2)  Was informed by Job#1 that they hired someone else for the position they asked me to come back and temp in, you know, the job I’ve been doing for three months now. They want me to stick around, though, benefits-free, “until at least July”.

3) Contracted viral strep throat. Yeah. That’s the kind of fun that’s not.

4) Learned that my dear friend has finally got off his ass and purchased plane tickets. He’ll be flying to NYC on Easter Sunday and leaving a few weeks later for Africa.

So, you know, I’ve got nothing going on, except my entire world being flipped upside down and I now have to make decisions about what career path to follow and whether or not I should remain in Portland.

If anyone recognizes this freakout, it’s ’cause I am in the exact same place as I was last year.


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An Issue of Blood

Dear Mister (yes, MISTER) Pro-Life Blogger:

Not that it’s any of your feklaptin’ business, but I take birth control pills. Yes, me, the celibate one over here. I take them to better regulate the hormones in my body, and without them I will bleed for about two weeks out of every three and have to go to the hospital for blood transfusions. Funny thing, it’s entirely possible that I have the exact same condition as the woman you’ve probably read about in Matthew 9:20-22, Mark 5:25-34, and Luke 8:43-47.

If you don’t have insurance (like I won’t after March 30th), these pills cost $145 a month. I wouldn’t even try to convince a Catholic clinic to write me a script. Planned Parenthood, the only women’s health clinic with no income restrictions? $39 a month. And the added bonus of having to look at dead babies and be called a whore by my coreligionists as I go in to pick up my script!

Would you shut your trap, please? You’re making all us Christians look like jackasses.

In Christian Love,
Mary Sue


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Fragile Feeling’s Gone…

…It’s been replaced by the sniffly head sore throat aching body feeling.

Blogfeed Amnesty continues. Don’t write anything interesting until I get back.

I’d type up what I’m listening to on the iPod right now, however it’s rap. In Portuguese. Which I don’t speak. But there’s a lot of clapping. So…

 *clap clap clap clap clap*


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Most weeks, the only physical contact I have with other human beings is during the Peace.


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I’m a murderer

Brother Field Mouse is dead. We caught him in the kill trap, which was misnamed as it was more of a ‘crush his pelvis’ trap. 
 Two grown women with three college degrees between us and we were paralyzed about what to do with an injured critter.
Wound up drowning Brother Field Mouse. The body was wrapped in plastic and thrown in the trash. 
In other news,geez, why is everyone coming to my blog by Googling “Johncy Itty”? I wasn’t at the meeting on the 21st, because like most people in this diocese, I have a day  job. I made a tag. See the pretty tag? Go click the tag to see what I have to say on the subject. 

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Drama Alert Level: High

I haven’t been around as much as usual, and totally fell flat on my face for my whole Revival thing (thank you, Pisco, for participating and testifying).

The problem with the drama in my life right now is that most of it is of a confidential nature, so I can’t share. Which is causing more stress, as I need to talk out issues with people, but I haven’t been given permission to discuss these issues… That sound? Was my brain exploding.

So, if you happen to have any random prayers laying about, I would appreciate them sent my way.

Br. Field Mouse made an appearance this morning while I was praying my Rosary. He was gnawing away on the poison bait. I didn’t scream like a girl, aren’t you proud of me?

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Open Letter To A Fellow Creature of God

Dear Brother Field Mouse: GET THE HELL OUT OF MY BEDROOM! There ain’t no  food in there! And especially stop gnawing on the baseboard  while I’m trying to sleep and waking me up and making me a cranky panda. No Love,Mee  [I took the day  off from work today because 1) EXHAUSTED! and 2) I’m going to need to clean my room before I pull all the furniture away  from the walls before I can inspect for where Br. Field Mouse got in before I can start putting down poison bait. ]

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