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Yom Ha’Shoah

Jews: 5.1-6.5 million
Soviet POWs: 2–3 million
Ethnic Poles: 1.8-2 million
Roma: 220,000–500,000
Disabled: 200,000–250,000
Freemasons: 80,000–200,000 
Gay men: 5,000–15,000 
Jehovah’s Witnesses: 2,500–5,000 

May the great Name of God be exalted and sanctified, throughout the world, which he has created according to his will.
May his Kingship be established in your lifetime and in your days, and in the lifetime of the entire household of Israel, swiftly and in the near future; and say, Amen.

May his great name be blessed, forever and ever.
Blessed, praised, glorified, exalted, extolled, honored elevated and lauded be the Name of the holy one,
Blessed is he- above and beyond any blessings and hymns,
Praises and consolations which are uttered in the world; and say Amen.

May there be abundant peace from Heaven, and life, upon us and upon all Israel; and say, Amen.

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A Prayer

Destroy me, Lord.
Take away all that I am,
Remove my labels and boundaries.
Have mercy on me.

Destroy me, Christ.
Dissolve my illusions,
Crush my ideals and my certainties.
Have mercy on me.

Destroy me, Lord.
So that tomorrow I will see the world clearly,
The veil of my self removed.
Have mercy on me,
And on the whole world.

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Brain Flip Prayers


Anyone got a reason why, when I’ve been praying lately, my brain’s decided to start substituting ‘Mother’ for ‘Father’?

Today’s installment was A General Thanksgiving during MP on the Streetcar:

Almighty God, Mother of all Mercies…

Dude, I was READING the words RIGHT OFF THE PAGE. The BCP says ‘Father’. Brain, you’d better supply some answers or else I’m going to poke you with a Q-Tip!

 (And after my little OMG BRAIN TUMOR… oh, wait, yeah, I did inflict a little bit of drain bamage on myself, huh? freakout, I shrugged and went with it.)

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Did a little Googling this AM.

Discovered the Cathedral has MP and EP at hours I might just be able to make.

 Also? It’s a direct bus ride from my house to Cathedral, which I did not know.

Also also? Tonight is their midweek Eucharist.

You mean I might just be able to partake of the Eucharist for the first time since December?! HOLY MOLY!

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This is it, folks!

Cover me! I’m going in!

UPDATE 9.30am – Well, I’m out now. Time to wait nervously to hear back.

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Rly! Srsly!

So, there’s this very interesting article up at Commonweal Magazine about ancient Syrian Christian hymns.

And then there was this quote in the article:

Do not stand up to Mary or argue,
For she is stronger than you in argument.
Do not speak too many words to her,
For she is stronger than you in her replies.

A Certain Someone whom I showed it to thought I’d made it up and demanded I cite my sources. SOURCES CITED, BOOYAH!

It’s got another meaning, though, too, ’cause the woman who puts the Mary in my name Mary Sue (I’m named after both my grandmothers) is in the hospital right now, unresponsive. They can’t figure out what’s going on.

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Getting My Hopes Up Practicum

Wednesday, 8.30am.

Potential for life to dramatically change for the better.

Or for me to need to eat a lot of ice cream and cry in my pillow.

I can has prayer nao?


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