Oh, hi there.

Been a while. I kind of took an unannounced break because, well, Life Happened.

Anyway, if there’s anyone still out there, I’d like to ask y’all keep me and the rest of the folks in my catechumen class in your prayers. We’ve got a couple adult baptisms, a handful of confirmations, one or two receptions, and me and a couple other folks are renewing our baptismal vows in front of God and the bishop and everybody.

Technically, I should be one of those being received since I’ve got this tendency to run and hide when there’s a bishop around. In discussing it with the group it was decided that since I’ve been rolling with the Episcopal Church for eight years, 3 as a Vestry member and now 1 as a delegate to Diocesan Convention, I’m in common-law fellowship with the Communion.

So on Pentecost the Bishop’s going to put his hands on my head and pray that the good work begun in me continues.

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