My theology, let me show it to you

I was going through some really old posts on my other blog, and came across this:

It also included a fun-sized Nestle Crunch bar and the greatness beverage in pouch form EVER, a fruit punch Capri Sun.

I agree so vehemently I must immediately post a blog entry of my own to let y’all know that, in fact, the best thing about Heaven is when you walk in the door, St. Peter hands you a fruit punch Capri Sun.

I’m certain someone out there disagrees. BUT THEY ARE WRONG!

I could probably make this a metaphor for anything I darn well please right now in Christianity and the Anglican Communion and the world in general, but mostly? Right now I really want a Capri Sun.


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One response to “My theology, let me show it to you

  1. I’m deprived. I have no idea what a Capri Sun is.