Defining a small subset of church people

I was trying to explain to a completely unchurched coworker what the epiclesis is in reference to a Facebook post about this Ship of Fools thread.

“It’s something you don’t care about,” I told him. “It’s something that falls into the area of interest of a very small subset of church people. It’s for church nerds!”

“Church nerds,” he said, disbelieving. “There are church nerds?”


He gave me a knowing look, and made an intuitive leap. “You’re one of this subset, aren’t you?”



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One response to “Defining a small subset of church people

  1. You’re the only person who could use “epiclesis” and “yup” in the same post.

    Kind of reminds me of someone who answered the phone
    “with whom do you want to speak?”
    other end: “(pause) did you say, ‘whom’?”
    other end: “sorry, I must have a wrong number.”