Everything else in my life is changing so fast, I have access to all sorts of entertainment and distractions at the literal touch of a button, on computers small enough to slip into my pocket.

The only place where my life is predictable is during worship from the Book of Common Prayer.

I crave that stability, the turning of the liturgical seasons anchoring me to the world outside the Information Deluge.

Why, then, does those in charge of liturgy seem to think that to attract people of my digital age, they need to emulate the instant FLASHY distraction FLASHY filled FLASHY times FLASHY of FLASHY my FLASHY regular FLASHY hectic FLASHY everyday FLASHY life?

Where is the silence?

Where can I hear the still, small voice?


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  1. I feel somewhat that way about bible study. I’ve learned so many computer languages, and then had them become obsolete, that I really like studying bible text — although the interpretation may change, the text is going to stay put.