Continuing Christian Education

The influx of red and pink candy into the office has already begun, and is engendering some grumbling from certain quarters. I was sitting in my friend’s cubicle and listening to him explain what was wrong with Valentine’s Day, from naked flying babies to Cupid’s arrows to heart-shaped candy boxes (which are my personal favorite treat on February 15th).

“We don’t get a day off,” he said. “There’s no religious reason…”

“Yes there is!” I interjected. “Saint Valentine, much?”

“I don’t believe it.” he turned to his computer and then, in an afterthought, said, “Was he real?”

“Probably,” I frantically searched my memory banks, this was After Candy but Before Coffee, so they were moving sluggishly. “I want to say say fourth century, a bishop, helped people get married and stuff…”

But my friend interrupted me. “Did he fight Cupid?”

That derailed the Train of Thought. “That would be awesome,” I started miming shooting arrows and throwing punches “Cupid starts slinging flaming arrows, and the bishop uses his staff to knock them to the ground! Woah, and also? PAH!”

“I’d see that movie.” My friend said, picking up his phone.


“You know this is going on the Internet,” I said to him a little later.

He leaned back in his chair. “Won’t be the first time I’ve made it on YouTube.”

“Hell, it won’t be the first time you’ve made it on my blogs!”



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2 responses to “Continuing Christian Education

  1. It’s actually the Feast of Cyril and Methodius, which gives one a religious reason. And they actually existed, unlike ol’ Val.