Open Letter to Abp. Rowan Williams

Dear ++Rowan,

Cowboy up, brother-man. You can’t have it both ways. If you think you have the right to put out passive-aggressive press releases hoping that duly elected suffragens half a globe away won’t get all the consents needed, you also have the right to put out a passive-aggressive press release hoping that the Ugandans would, you know, not enact a law that would murder thousands of people.

Seriously. You’re making me wonder why kicking you and the rest of the Communion to the curb is a bad thing.

In Christian Love,
Mary Sue



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3 responses to “Open Letter to Abp. Rowan Williams

  1. I am mad about you. (As a sister in Christ, natch.)

    Seriously. SEND THIS LETTER.

  2. episcopalifem

    Pony it UP! I likes it!