Anyone ever taken a CALL class?

That is, a Center for Anglican Learning and Leadership class? They’re apparently available online from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, and the price is pretty reasonable. I know because I’ve been pricing out how much it would cost to take some classes on the Scriptures at local colleges, and just to audit a 12 week class it seems to be about $1200 (with fees and stuff). Most of the local colleges that have such classes also tend to have a requirement you sign a Statement of Belief that I, good little Anglican that I am, have trouble signing (what do you mean by ‘infallible’, exactly?).

I’m kind of hoping someone who has taken one of these online will pop by and let me know what it’s like. I’ve signed up for one anyway, can’t hurt to try it.

It’s funny in a prayer/coincidences way that my student loans just reconsolidated and the payment dropped almost exactly the amount of money I need for one of these classes.



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4 responses to “Anyone ever taken a CALL class?

  1. Gregg Nolta

    I to will be taking a call course this fall, This my first one but I am looking forward to it. Perhaps we can remain in contact, and compare notes later.

    Good Luck

  2. John Goddard

    yes I took Donn Morgans class last fall and really enjoyed the entire experience. Well worth the money, time and energy.

    Thanks for asking.

  3. Nancy Gallagher

    I took the Greening of the North American Church this summer. Good course, takes more time than you think, thought provoking, wonderful information. Quality materials and multiple points of view energize the conversations.

  4. Patrick Delaney

    I took the course on Paul over the summer – loved it. So much so that I’m taking the one on Luke this semester.

    Highly recommended.