You can be gay and a pastor– just not single.

PeaceBang says it better than I could.

When will the Church stop perpetuating the secular culture’s myth that there’s a wedded partner in everyone’s future? There ain’t! There never was, there’s never going to be, and why should we assume that “life-long, monogamous relationships” are the best way for every Christian to arrange his or her life? Find me where Jesus recommended this, will you? Jesus, I said. Not Paul.

As far as the ELCA vote goes, it’s another slap in the face to single people and a second punch in the gut to gay and lesbian Lutherans who have been called by God to serve in their beloved tradition as they are… and not to be punished if they haven’t been blessed with a life partner.



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3 responses to “You can be gay and a pastor– just not single.

  1. I agree Mary Sue… a very nice piece. Thanks for sending me over there.

  2. Fr Dougal

    Excellent, thanks for this.

  3. Ive been researching this and I’ll have to agree