JK Wedding Dance

I’ve seen a lot of talk on the religion blogs about the JK Wedding Dance video, and a lot of it boils down to, “Cute, but I would never–”

My response? “And you didn’t, so shut up, stop thinking your opinion is so flippin’ important, and enjoy the celebration.”

Here’s something funny, it’s the ‘divorce’ video done by a professional dance troupe. Go all the way to the end, the hair-pulling catfight is awesome.



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2 responses to “JK Wedding Dance

  1. Nice video.

    ” … stop thinking your opinion is so flippin’ important …”

    Uh, isn’t that the point of blogs, to share your opinion and, in the comments, hear from others?

    Thanks for sharing yours. 😉

  2. brista

    The Wedding Dance was awesome! So much happy! How can you find fault with a celebration like that?