Open Letter to +Cantaur

Dear Rev. Rowan Williams:

My ‘chosen lifestyle’ is to follow Christ as best I can using all the blessings He has bestowed upon me. These blessings include, but are not limited to: one heart to love, two hands to serve, one mouth to praise, two feet to bear the Cross forward.

If you don’t want those gifts mucking up your precious Anglicanisim because I’m queerer than that proverbial three dollar bill, tough shit. You don’t get to pick who’s in or who’s out.

In Christian Love,
Mary Sue
Diocese of Oregon
The Episcopal Church of the USA

You know what, kids? I’m sick unto death of these confounded power-trippers offering me little sips of the Spirit. I want to drink from the FIREHOSE.


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One response to “Open Letter to +Cantaur

  1. The power-trippers may think they do, but they do not control the valve. There’s torrents running through here, OCICBW, Telling Secrets… keep it flowing.