Preaching to the wrong person

We were doing an exercise in a church committee where we were listing the “ordinary people called by God to do extraordinary things”.

(Which, by the way, hits my glurge filter something awful)

One of the Elders took offense to hir name being put up there. “I don’t see myself ‘called by God’, I just do what is right”

For a good twenty minutes, myself and another committee member preached the power of the Holy Spirit and the way it moves through every life, yes even yours.

We moved on to other business, and as the meeting wrapped up, we were copying down the list for future reference.

“HEY!” I exclaimed. “Who snuck my name up there when I wasn’t looking?”


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One response to “Preaching to the wrong person

  1. … but judging from what I keep reading here, your name belonged there.

    I particularly liked the ‘glurge filter’ line as well as the ending.