Repost of something I just said on the Ship of Fools

There is a style of preaching I’ve seen mostly in mainstream churches that I call the GTU Style. Mostly because 98% of my church experience is here on the west coast of the US, where a significant portion of preachers of all denominations wind up at the Graduate Theological Union. The style is characterised by preaching in tones suitable for PBS newsreaders, many anectdotes interspersed with esoteric literary and theological references, and overuse of the words “I submit to you”.

It’s a preaching style that’s focused on making you think. I’d say that the side effect of all that thinking is that the congregation doesn’t then get up and act on the Gospel.


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  1. Wow. This is so intriguing. I think I have never said “I submit to you” under any circumstances, in any context.