Happy International No Diet Day!

It’s a day to celebrate yourself and realise that God didn’t put us on this earth to all fit in the same mold of an ‘ideal’ body. We’re created in the image of God, and that means God is too fat and too skinny and everything in between.

“But Mary Sue,” I hear you thinking! “I’m *disgusting*, I’m not worthy of love until I lose a few pounds.”

I want you to listen v. v. carefully to that voice. I want you to follow back to where that voice is coming from. Is it coming from God, pumpkins, or is it coming from media and commercials and companies that want you to give them money?

Today’s reading assignment is You Won’t Go To Hell If It Tastes Good, by the wonderful Kate Harding. Excerpty!

Friend: Do you know how much fat is in that dressing?

Me: Yeah, I do.

Friend: Then why are you putting it on your carrots?

Me: Because they taste like ass without it.

Friend: But what’s the point of eating carrots if you’re just going to cancel them out with a bunch of fat?

Me: Um… to eat carrots? And since I have no interest in eating dining hall carrots straight, I figure it’s better to eat them with something that makes them palatable than not eat them at all?

Friend: [looks at me as if she now understands precisely why I’m a disgusting, fat cow who will obviously have a heart attack before I’m 30]

This is what happens in a dieting culture. Orange juice is considered solely in terms of calories and sugar, not vitamins. (Or flavonoids. Am I seriously the only one who’s not surprised to learn that o.j. is good for you?) Carrot sticks are what you eat to get thin, not vegetables that have exactly the same nutritional value even if you dip them in ranch dressing or consume them alongside a plate of Buffalo wings. Apples are frightening to the anti-carb crowd. Fat and calories cancel out the “goodness” of fruits and vegetables — because that concept of goodness ultimately refers to your morals, not the food’s nutritional content.

Read the whole article? Good. Here’s the advanced class, darlings: Lessons from the Fat-O-Sphere, or, as it’s called in Australia, Screw Inner Beauty.


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