And while I’m making demands of the world…

From here:

This is how it goes. You are at the bedside of a dying patient, say, an elderly woman who has been unconscious for days. The nurses have warned you that she won’t even know that you are there, that she no longer speaks, even when she has periods of consciousness. You sit quietly by her bed for a little while. Eventually you decided to pray the 23rd Psalm. In wonder you watch as the woman begins to move her lips. She isn’t necessarily speaking distinct words, but her sounds match the rhythm of what you are saying. She is praying the psalm with you. This supposedly unresponsive patient is responding to the words of this psalm—words she has probably known her whole life. In a moment of grace, she joins you in prayer.

Let me just tell you here and now, if any of you try this at my sickbed, I’m not praying with you. I’m telling you how much I HATE Psalm 23.

(Man, this Sunday? WAS KILLER for me. Two musical arrangements AND the main Psalm. Gag me with a spoon.)


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  1. Well, Yikes! I certainly won’t! (If it’s me.)

    Wishing you psalms you love and priests/ ministers who know it.