Cloud of Witnesses, part 2

At St. Thatguy the Dude (my current church), we’re a year out from our priest retiring, and in October we’re celebrating the 90th anniversary of our founding and the 30th anniversary of our being accepted as a parish.

I’m putting my talents to work, and I’m helping compile the parish history.

Right now, that means going through the historical data collected previously from others in the parish. Some of whom passed very recently, and some of whom are still kicking around. It’s all mixed up, muddled up, shook up. I’m trying to find the common threads. I’m doing the history, and I’m enjoying it. This is what I thought I’d be doing for a living lo these ten years ago. Now it’s what I do for a hobby.

I found a notice that a certain gentleman was elected by the vestry to the position of Treasurer in 1955. Knowing that gentleman, he’s sitting down in the church office right now today reconciling the parish’s bank statements.

One article, copied carefully out of a copy of the Oregon Churchman, caught my eye. I can’t remember the exact date (I’m good, pumpkins, but I’m not THAT good), but it states the Rev. L. O. Stone, vicar of St. Thatguy the Dude, is the only “colored delegate to General Convention”.

I turned the precious piece of history over, marveling, and start reading the next painstakingly preserved article. It’s dated 1985. The names are familiar, there’s our beloved Mother, ordained to the priesthood just the year before, and a couple of the other Elders of the church. And there’s the name Barbara Harris. Seems Mother and the Elders took a road trip to be at Bp. Harris’ consecration.

Mother was also at Bp. Jefferts-Schori’s investiture. I know, because I was there, too.


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  1. I believe the correct response is: WOW. How very, very cool.