The Resurrection, Preached

My priest gave a sermon at the Easter Vigil.

No, let me rephrase: my priest preached the Resurrection at the Easter Vigil, and the people in the pews were shouting ‘AMEN’!

Yes, Episcopalians were shouting ‘amen’. Miracles happen at Easter, yo.

So many people asked her to preach it again Sunday morning, she took a vote, and when the vote went 12-3 for the Easter Vigil sermon, she tossed her Sunday morning sermon over her shoulder and preached.

I wish I’d had a recorder. I cannot do it justice, I know that. I can give you my takeaways, and as is the nature of my brain and my training, it’s a story she used to open her sermon.

The story is from Rumi:
The mystics gathered in the streets crying, “Come out!”
A voice called from inside the house, “Leave me alone, I’m sick!”
The mystics said, “Jesus is here, and he wants to resurrect somebody!”

That some-body is the Church. That some-body is us. REsurrection from our dead lives, shaken loose from our comfort and routine. We are called to the good and helpful ministries, and we are called to the dangerous, difficult ministries. We are called to have open arms, [something else I forgot], and an adventurous spirit.

Jesus is here, and he wants to resurrect us!


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