Having Just Enough

I have to keep a tight rein on my finances; my student loan payments are equal to a Humvee monthly payment. This isn’t exaggeration.

Last week was payday, and instead of doing my usual structured bill pay and money transfer into various savings accounts, I let my paycheck sit in my checking and didn’t restrain myself from going out for food, from buying trinkets books, and didn’t think about money at all.

A short term relief, yes, but I eventually had to face the music. What’s done is done, and today I logged in to my account to see what remained.

I paid my phone bill, I added to my travel and fun things accounts, I made sure I had enough money for rent, enough money for food next week, enough money to go out for sugary snacks with a friend on Tuesday. I had just enough.

Matter of fact, after all my math, there was a little surplus still in the account.

A surplus amount four dollars more than my tithe.

If it didn’t happen on a regular basis, I’d call it a conicidence.



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2 responses to “Having Just Enough

  1. You are an incredibly smart person, so you may have already done this, but when I had my Student Loan consolidated, I was finally able to make the payments (believe me, it’s tough on a missionary’s income!). Have you talked with your lender about that?

    Yeah, I wonder about those “coincidences”, too.

  2. I accidentally let my finances slip and went over my overdraft, and don’t get paid until Wednesday. So I panicked, and prayed, and worked out how many meals I need to feed myself until I get paid. Having calmed down a bit, I checked the freezer and the veg rack.

    I have seven evening meals to go until I get paid.

    I have eight meals available, either in the freezer (I do a lot of cooking in bulk and freezing), or as ingredients – vegetables, lentils, a small amount of diced pancetta.

    It won’t be filet mignon and lobster every night, but it won’t be ketchup sandwiches, either.

    I’m not sure I can explain it properly, but there’s generosity there. I don’t have less than I need, I don’t have just enough, I have slightly more than I need.