Three funerals, ten days

All within my teeny-tiny parish, all taken care of by my priest (whose health I worry about during ‘normal’ times). I was looking in my closet; I do not own enough black clothes for three seperate outfits.

It’s rough. I’m taking a day off of work for the last one, but my family back in California still hasn’t scheduled my grandfather’s funeral so this means when they get around to it, I’ll have less time with them.

My back is killing me.

I’m also dealing with a personal situation that’s getting out of hand, and I’m having trouble finding the strength.



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2 responses to “Three funerals, ten days

  1. Hey, hang on in there. We’re with you, even us lurkers.

  2. It was so great to see your name pop up at my blog this week. Try to take care of yourself… I have this image of you pouring a lot of care into the world; try to save some for Mary Sue.

    Pax, C.