So, the Pope said something.

Yeah, it happens sometimes.

But anyway, he said something about how any relationship that’s not marriage between a man and a woman is a ‘destruction of God’s work’.

And my friend was pissed off, and she was venting to me.

And I opened my mouth and before my brain could engage, I said unto her:

Boy, isn’t he going to be surprised when he gets to Heaven and God’s wearing a PFLAG pin….


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  1. What I’m not clear on is why a relationship between two people of the same sex is immoral and wrong, but a community of celibates of the same sex — who are refusing to have procreative sex — isn’t.

    Celibacy is a heck of a lot more unnatural than homosexuality!

    (Member of a tiny church that embraces the radical idea that gender, sexual orientation, and sexual identity are not relevant to church membership, marriage, or ordination, thus ordaining heterosexual AND lgbt persons and marrying same-sex AND opposite-sex couples, and not making a big deal of any of the differences between them. And we embrace those called to celibacy as well!)