Why all children should be servers

Every time I light a candle, the slightly sulphurous smell of the match and the scent of evaporating candle wax transport me to a worshipful frame of mind.

Spending ten of my formative years as an acolyte had more of an effect on me than I realised until tonight’s Vespers.



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3 responses to “Why all children should be servers

  1. I agree, wholeheartedly.
    What is more, it’s the most effective of way, I know, of keeping teenagers in church. I’ve known clergy at low churches distraught that the teenagers of their congregation keep leaving. We don’t have that problem at my church because we keep them involved as acolytes and choristers. It gives them a weekly opportunity to do something most teenagers love to do – show off. And, as you point out, once the smell is in your nose you will never get rid of it.

  2. I joined the Boy Scouts of America, because, to be an acolyte at the Chapel on the U.S. military base at Sukiran, Okinawa, the church my family attended, one had to be working on their God and Country boy scout badge. So, although I had absolutely no desire to camp or tie knots, I became a Boy Scout, so that I could be an acolyte. And my time as an acolyte brought me to the realization that I should be a priest.

    So I agrees wit you agin, sistah!

  3. SueB

    Well, I would have loved to be an acolyte. But when I was growing up US Lutherans did not allow girls to serve at the altar. Now more than half of the altar servers in our (Lutheran) parish are female.
    I would also have loved it if my son could have been an altar server. But he is severely mentally disabled, functioning at about the 2-year-old level, so that wasn’t – isn’t possible.
    But he loves going to church with me. He stands in front of me in the wheelchair cut-out end of the pew when we need to stand so I can help him (he wears leg braces). When we get to a part of the service where I don’t need to use the hymnal (kyrie, gloria, creed, sanctus, etc.) I turn him around to face me & hold both his hands while we sing or speak. He adores that. How many 22-year-olds are thrilled to dance in the aisles at church with their 50-something mother? So maybe that is better than Matthew being an acoloyte.
    I stumbled on your blog while trying to find out anything at all about Susannah the deaconess. Anyone know anything? All I can find is a feast day of Dec 15.