So, how was your week?

Me? I flew to LA, surprised my father on his 60th birthday, went to Disneyland, my grandfather of previous posts went into the ICU, I fought bitterly with my little sister, and then got a call while at the airport ready to fly back to Oregon that they are taking Grandpa off the life support today eta: and my Mom and Dad made it back in time to be bedside when he passed.

Please pray for my family.



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7 responses to “So, how was your week?

  1. Sorcha

    Prayers engaged.

  2. honeybones

    Oh chicka, Im so sorry for your loss. Of course I will pray for you family.

  3. Prayers going up, my friend. May the Holy Spirit surround and comfort you all.


  4. Prayers MarySue. I’m sorry.

  5. I’m praying for you and your family. Like Doxy said, may the Holy Spirit console you all.