I should know better

It’s not my tradition, and even amongst those who I know in that tradition, they say, “Yeah, those guys are kind of wierd”.

But I click over to that discussion board because, well, sometimes there’s interesting stuff.

I click on the thread titled “Fasting for Holy Communion”. It’s a practice I was introduced to by a pastor back in my Methodist days, where we got Holy Communion once a month, and Holy Week was the highlight of my year because I got Communion THREE times.

I’m interested in what the conversation might say.

And then I start reading the thread, and it’s not about refraining from food or drink before Communion.

Nope, it’s about refraining from communicating if you’re a woman having your period.

And the first thought that popped into my mind, reading all these men nattering on about how it is good for women to not communicate when on their period because they are “impure because of the passed down first sin” (God almighty, I wish that wasn’t a quote), are they going to make me drop trou and check?

Which is silly, because 1) I would never dare to present myself for Communion in their church, and 2) women in that church don’t wear trousers. Duh.

And then the purse-swinging rebel in me starts going. I’m a sinner. Um, duh? I’m human. From everything I read in the Bible, Jesus did not tell the sinners “go away and come back when you haven’t sinned”. Jesus called the sinners to him to offer healing and forgiveness, not shame and stupidity.

My goodness. I’m surprised these priests and husbands and fathers preaching such exclusion haven’t been knocked on their butts by the purse-swingers in their congregations and families.

They’re trying to keep us from Christ!

I am a sheep, and Christ is my shepherd.

Like all sheep, I know the voice of my Master. I know he calls for me, that he has something good for me. And like all sheep, I will go around, over, or through anything between me and what I want.



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2 responses to “I should know better

  1. Jen

    Was it an Orthodox board? I know in some churches, it’s a tradition that women refrain from receiving communion while on the rag. Doesn’t make any sense to me, either. I’d think I’d really need it then. 🙂

  2. Never ceases to amaze me the amount of nonsense believed by men about women. This is a theology based on fear and misogyny. Systematic gynephobia, not true religion at all. Sheesh.