A Little Light Reading

What does forgiveness mean? Forgiveness does not mean excusing or justifying the
actions of somebody. For example, saying “Oh, he abused me but that’s O.K., that’s just
his nature,” or “I deserved it.” No, if somebody abused you that was a sin against you.
But when we hold resentments, when we hold anger and bitterness within ourselves
against those who have abused us in some way, we take their abuse and we continue it
against ourselves. We have to stop that cycle. Most likely that person has long gone and
long forgotten us, forgotten that we even existed. But maybe not. Maybe it was a parent
or someone else close, which makes the resentment all the more bitter. But for the sake of
our own soul and for the sake of our own peace, we need to forgive. We should not
justify the action, but we should overlook the action and see that there’s a person there
who is struggling with sin. We should see that the person we have resented, the person
we need to forgive, is no different than we are, that they sin just like we do and we sin
just like they do.
—Metropolitan Jonah from the Abbatal Letter Do Not Resent, Do Not React, Keep Inner Stillness


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