Question of the day:

Can you forgive someone and still be angry with them?



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4 responses to “Question of the day:

  1. Doxy

    I’d say…probably not. If you are still angry, you haven’t really let go of whatever it is they did to deserve forgiving.

    OTOH, I think you can forgive someone and remain wary of them. In fact, I suspect in a lot of cases, that is the only healthy response.



  2. It’s essential to forgive! And move on! Anger can eat away at you and the other person for years. That do unto other thing works, you know. And I mean psychologically.
    My family history had siblings in a very small town not speaking to each other to death. It was really sad and I only got to know my cousins after both of our parents were gone! And we were both in our 40’s when we could have been childhood friends-the pool was small.

  3. honeybones

    I dont think so, if you dont let go of the anger YOU will never move past the incidents(s). However, imo you can forgive someone and still not trust them. When you forgive someone, you dont have to let them have the same position in your life they held before. Unless of course, you are married to the guy, or its your mom, or your older sister who did kinda heinous things to you when you were growing up but now shes your favorite and you can hardly function since shes moved to Alabama.

  4. jen

    i do it all the time.