Couple of Questions

Fr. Terry asked the questions. I answered them.

1. How do you feel about the term “born again”?

I feel it’s been coopted and twisted by power-seekers.

2. Has anyone ever tried to save you?

Yes. Unfortunately, they were trying to save me from being myself and attempted to impose an external standard that oppressed and suppressed my God-given talents.

3. Is there a difference between spirituality and religion?

Spirituality is the awareness that there is More To The Universe. Religion is living out that awareness.

4. Which spiritual person do you most admire?

Living: Abp. Tutu.
Of blessed memory: Viola, who trained me as an acolyte two decades ago.

5. What would you say to Christians if they would listen?

“Holy Mother of God! You’re finally listening to me? Wow. Now can we talk about something other than sex?”


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