That’s it.

Next person who tells me I should listen to the bishops and follow them blindly because they are older than me and that makes them inherently wiser is getting a boot up the arse!

ETA: Also, hi to all the new people who seem to be wandering by! Um, where are you coming from? Anyway, no matter, before you start commenting on ancient and venerable posts (seriously, 28 comments in the 7 hours I slept?) you all might want to read the two pages at the top of the blog here, Who is Santa Ignora and I’m Not a Nun!

And for the old folks, I don’t know if the 28 comment thing is a fluke or what, so I’m going to be moderating the commentating with a heavier hand than usual. A reminder: my blog, my rules, if you don’t like it, go whine on your own blog.


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