It’s turning into Meta Monday here.

This post is in regards to my blogroll.

I’m attempting to hoarde Sanity Watcher points. Sanity Watcher points is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Weight Watcher’s points program usually found on Fat Acceptance blogs such as Shapely Prose and Body Impolitic and Fat Lot of Good. I don’t buy into the myth (yes! It’s a myth!) that calories in equals calories out, that I can lose weight if I just try harder, and that forced starvation is a good thing. I subscribe to Health at Every Size.

Being a child of this culture, though, I sometimes find myself falling into the self-loathing pit that the diet industry has designed. Because I’m fat, after all, I’m not desireable, I’m not healthy, and I’m not a good person, but that’s okay! The Diet Industry will make me skinny and beautiful and healthy and into a good person, as long as I give them lots and lots of money!

Yeah, hi? No.

Several blogs on my blogroll have started to turn their focus from spiritual matters to those of weight. And I just deleted three off my blogroll that consisted of nothing for the last two weeks of a daily weigh-in and bemoaning that they ate ‘bad’ food (Rant: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOOD AND BAD FOOD! THERE IS FOOD! IT PROVIDES ENERGY! ENERGY IS GOOD! End rant)

Now, you can talk about your health on your blog. It’s your blog. You’re all adults. But I really don’t care how much you weigh (hell, I barely care how much I weigh). So if your blog turns into a daily calculator, I’m deleting you from my blog roll. Gotta save those Sanity Watcher points for family reunions.



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3 responses to “It’s turning into Meta Monday here.

  1. Asalamalaykom,

    Wishing you peace.

    Great attitude. Love your vibe. I’ve added you to my list of, “searchers,” as I know you are trying to figure it all out too.

  2. Woo hoo! Absolutely agree.

    I’m especially annoyed at the veiled (or not so) comments that the professional gym-rat / career dieter crowd make about their perceived lack-of-attractiveness towards women who don’t meet their body weight standards.

    The whole thing is bad for both sexes, but women get the suckier end of the stick as far as I’m concerned.