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No, not this one, this one: How Not to Be Insane When Accused of Racisim.

And since I know that 90% of you don’t click links when I put them up (even when they’re really funny xkcd comic strips), here’s the highlights:

It’s true – a lot of white people, hell, most white people turn ten different shades of pissed off and shoot steam out their ears if someone suggests they’ve said something racist. And if you make a point of talking about race and racism, sooner or later someone will accuse you of being racist, fairly or unfairly.

Frankly, I think we whites – especially, we whites who think of ourselves as against racism – have to get over it.

Shorter Ampersand: Don’t make it a whacking huge deal if you say something racist, or something others perceive as racist. Apologize, move on, and consider the criticism seriously so that you can improve your thinking, if need be.


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