Marching Orders

Josh Indiana has a letter from +Cate of Indianapolis. It’s got our post-Lambeth marching orders.

Meet with your evangelism committee. Look over the bookkeeping. Procrastinate about writing anything. Visit a prison. Send your computer out for a tuneup, then forget to pick it up. Accidentally cancel the cable. Tune out the culture wars and the political campaigns. Snuggle a child. Comfort the dying. Empower some teenagers. Keep your mouth shut and your heart open. Pop in at choir practice unannounced. Put on your work clothes and show up for the altar guild workday at some parish where you’re least expected. Walk the dog, just her and you for an hour. Read the Psalms in Spanish. Send a friend a hand-written note. Laugh every day and pray every night. Make some love. Eat all the peaches and tomatoes you want.

And when you’re called upon to preach, rise up and talk about your relationship with God—not doctrine, not Lambeth, not Gay stuff, not the last movie you saw, but about having a relationship with the One.


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