My neck is red, my collar’s blue

Oh, and it was going so well. I’d met the gentleman two weekends ago, and we were sending emails back and forth in the burgeoning new friendship kind of way.

Then he makes some crack about basements in his neck of the woods being full of rednecks.

I shoot back, “What’s wrong with rednecks?”

He comes back with this… screed. That’s all I can call it, it’s seriously 300 words long. Rednecks like NASCAR and cheap beer and country music and beating their wives and are all members of white supremicist groups.

It’s too early in the morning for blatant racisim and classisim.

So, I replied back:

Let’s start the introductions over again. My name is Mary Sue, and I drove a pickup truck with a gun rack to high school.



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7 responses to “My neck is red, my collar’s blue

  1. LB

    I just punched the air in glee. And frustration. Way to defend!

  2. You have some guts, lady!

    I once sat and listened to some Californian lawyer go off about how the South is completely provincial and they don’t know anything about other parts of the country, etc. etc., and it turned out she had never been to the South.

    I was too nice to say anything though.

  3. My ex’s straight identical twin is a bona-fide redneck, and I would MUCH rather go fishing and hunting with him (even though I’ve never done either) than spend 30 seconds with that ignorant dolt who went off on rednecks.

  4. Yeah, but was there a gun in the gun rack?

  5. Sorcha

    Good for you. If I hear one more person who’s never even been to the South go off about how everyone below Maryland is ignorant, inbred and racist, I’m gonna slap a bitch. Why is that okay?

  6. Yeah, know what you mean. I sometimes get similar garbage when I tell folks I’m from Texas 😛

  7. And in Canada, Saskatchewan is supposed to be redneck territory. Especially when viewd from Toronto…. I live in SK. Hiihaah!!

    Good comeback….