In Need of Better Role Models

As the long time readers of this blog will know, every so often I go on a rant about how, for all the bishops say people should be celibate outside marriage, they sure as shooting don’t provide those of us who are celibate with a whole lotta support (other than “Oh, I know someone who would be perfect for you!” which isn’t really helping).

Cruising around my geeky bloglinks today, imagine my joy when I noticed a link to Six Historic Figures Who Were Celibate.

Not the most uplifting crew. Other than Ghandi. Sigh.



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5 responses to “In Need of Better Role Models

  1. LB

    Well, there’s always me.

    …Hm, maybe I see the point.

  2. But they came up with some amazing stuff!

  3. Yeah, but they were all jerks!

    (Except Ghandi)

  4. Amen. My bishop was commenting to the clergy at our clergy conference on those who “said” that they were celibate. “Like we believe that!” he said. I was commenting on the bishops in the UK that say that they are celibate but live with their lovers. But I sat there. I finally called him on it. But I am on his sh*t list anyway.

  5. Bishops and clergy aren’t the only role models. And frankly I don’t care about what anyone else does in their private life. What I would like is some acknowlegement that not having sex is not a bad, strange, wierd, abnormal thing.