Panties for Burma

Best. Protest. Ever.

Ya see, in Burma, women are being kidnapped and basically enslaved by the military, to fetch, carry, and be raped whenever the men want.

But, here’s the thing: the military rulers of Burma are superstitious about women’s underpants. They honest to God believe touching women’s knickers or even a woman’s skirt will take away their mojo.

I am not making this shit up, yo.

 So, Panties for Burma was born. The addresses of the embassies worldwide are here. Donate that old, worn, elastic-shot, hol(e)y pair to the cause.

Men’s drawers also gladly accepted.

(As for me and my house, we’re not really feeling v. v. Christian lately. We’re going to go sit in the corner and think about things for a while. If you need me, you can get ahold of me through the usual channels)


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  1. Can we supply them with vaginae dentatae also? I would donate money to that cause.