What’s in a Name?

I’m getting a lot of Google hits for “Barack means in Hebrew”.

I’m a big name geek. I love names. I think it comes from being blessed with six of them, meself (two first, three middle, and a last). The fact that Jim Beam and Jack Daniels were good friends in my high school cracks me up.

Names mean a lot. Christians take baptismal names to signify their change of life. Jewish people will change their names to signify transitions. When you hear of a kid named “Flower Jones” you kind of giggle, but a Japanese person who met “Hanna Jones” would also giggle, since hana is the daily use word for flower.

Barak is a Swahili derivative of an Arabic word, loosely transliterated as barakh in my Arabic-English dictionary. The word comes from the same derivation as the Hebrew word baruch.

In Hebrew and Arabic both it means ‘Blessings’.

Hussein is an Arabic name (duh). It means ‘beautiful’.

D’awwww. His parents named him Beautiful Blessings. That’s so sweet.

Mine named me Bitter Rose. (Mary=Bitter, Sue=Rose). Stop laughing, jackasses.

Obama is a name from Western Kenya, specifically the Luo people. It means ‘bending’ or ‘leaning’.

My last name means ‘Specific County in Scotland Where Most of the Immigrants to the US Were Illiterate And Therefore It Is Spelled Wrong’.


(And now, in the interest of equal time, Hillary Rodham Clinton means “Merry- Dirty village – On the summit” and John Sidney McCain III means “God is Gracious – we can’t spell out St. Denis all the way so’s we’re going to write ‘Sidney’ instead – Son of Ian which is the way we spell ‘John’ in these parts”. Out of the three names, McCain has the more interesting name in my opinion, as he’s John son of John… and since he’s a III, he really is John son of John!)


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  1. I’m “Beloved Mountain of the Orphan.” Gee, thanks, Mom and Dad!