The following post does not endorse a candidate.

Matter of fact, since I’m not registered with a ‘major’ party in Oregon, my ballot that went in a few weeks ago was rather anemic in my choices.

No, I’m not going to tell you who I voted for in the mayoral race. It’s my right as an American citizen to exercise my freedom to tell you to bugger your nosy self off. Nyah.

But anyway, saw this over at Acts of Hope and thought it was kinda cool. My posting of it does not imply endorsement, however.

It says \"Barak Obama\" in Hebrew.


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  1. See, I was wondering about your post about “Barack means in Hebrew…” because there are two letter Ks in the Hebrew alphabet (and in Arabic also, I think.) The one on the button above is frequently transliterated Q, that’s why you get the Straits of Aqaba for instance. The word for “Blessed” is with the other one. Spelled with this K (or Q), I’m pretty sure you have the word for thunder or lightning, I don’t remember which. That was the name of Deborah’s general in Judges. So spelled this way it’s a Biblical name of a war hero.