I’m having A Day.

Yup. A Day.


Wherein I am about three seconds and a file cabinet* away from quitting my job, selling all my worldly goods, declaring myself Mother Superior High Priestess Patootie of the Church Of the Wayhootle, and collecting alms to take myself to Las Vegas and ‘bless’ all the buffets with my tax-deductible presence.


*Don’t ask.



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2 responses to “I’m having A Day.

  1. $500,000.00 certified cheque in U.S. dollars to The Real Live Orthodox Episcopal Anglican Protestant Catholic Pentecostal Evangelical Fundamentalist Christian Church of All the Americas and Actually the Entire Globe; Yeah, that’s Right, We Include the Global South, the Global North AND the Global Center, So Where Else Ya Gonna Go? also known as the RLOEAPCPEFCCAAAEGYRWIGSGNAGCSWEYGG or The True, Really, I Mean It, Church™ and you can call yourself anything you want!

  2. Hell, Padre, I cut checks bigger’n that every day!

    Thank God it’s not my own money…