An Early-Morning Outing

Someone asked me about my coffee mug, and in telling the story of how I got it in the Great Break-Up of 2002 (which is a great story since it involves a $1000 bribe to my ex from her MOTHER to leave me [I am totally worth more than that!]), I forgot to obfuscate pronouns.

I just outed myself to the entire office.


You totally straight people don’t know the adrenaline rush of realising you’ve let something slip and having to quickly run through the mental checklist of “Who’s said what in the past that might mean they’ll take unkindly to this new knowledge.”

This office won’t be bad. There’s one Family member currently working and has been another one in the past.

But that adrenaline rush first thing in the morning, WOO! Just can’t beat it.


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One response to “An Early-Morning Outing

  1. What is it with the outing this week? First you, and now Cecilia?

    Must be in the water…

    (Hope it turned out to be a non-event.)