The Financial Generation Gap

This is a very important article I think needs to be presented to all folks, not just those of us sickos who think reading about 401(k)s is FUN. It has some implications for those of y’all who are in ministry, also, as this will kind of explain to you why you ain’t got so many of us youngins hanging around (we’re too busy working two-three jobs to make ends meet, we move jobs so frequently and that increases the number of times we move cities. Frankly, the current crop of college graduates getting outfitted for their caps and gowns in the next few months will NOT be middle-class. What can the church provide for us that’s worth our very precious and valuable ‘free time’?).

From Working for Rachel, an excerpt:

What’s a career? People who write careers love to trot out the statistic “you’ll have 7-10 careers in your lifetime” (or 10-12, or 12-15) as though it’s a new piece of information. I’m 27, and I’ve had at least a dozen jobs that have lasted three months or more. I have no idea how many “careers” that makes and couldn’t care less–all I care about is how I can combine and describe those jobs on my resume to make me attractive to someone who’s hiring for the next thing I want to do.

Whatever we do, and however short a time we’ve been doing it, we’re already thinking about what we’re going to do next. We do not relax into jobs and stay at them for twenty years. I have been at my job for five months, and while I have no intention of leaving anytime soon, I still keep track of job openings and have a sense of what my next step will be. The thirtysomething woman I supervise is much less ambitious than I, but she still keeps a foot in the freelance world and my boss predicts (rightly, I believe) that she won’t be with the company for more than three years.

This is mostly self-preservation–we know that company loyalty and job security do not exist. To succeed, we need to pay attention and plan ahead.


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