[Press Release] Mary Sue’s Official Statement on Lambeth ’08


Portland, Oregon — Mary Sue, author of the vaugely known blog Order of Santa Ignora, does not know when the Lambeth Conference will take place, and by her own admission, couldn’t care less.

When asked why this date was not circled in her planner and surrounded by little hearts, she replied, “Will anything those Pointy Hats and their coiterie of chattering minions say or do at Lambeth affect my relationship with the Light of the World? No. And since they don’t seem to give a flaming fig leaf about me, why should I care about them?”

She then suggested the primates and bishops who are gathering in England this summer should feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit and go jump in the nearest lake, “as that might reduce the swelling of their ponderously fat heads”.

Further inquiries should be directed to her web site.




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5 responses to “[Press Release] Mary Sue’s Official Statement on Lambeth ’08

  1. Amen and amen, Mary Sue!

  2. [snicker, snicker, chortle]

  3. I like your idea about them jumping in a body of water.. and the Thames will be right nearby!

  4. mocat

    I love this – Thanks!