A Time for Healing

Last night was my last shift at IKEA (formally known around here as the Big Blue Box).

I am now working only one job at Major Hospital, with regular hours and weekends off. I will get to experience this nifty thing people keep telling me about, ‘free time’. I’m also looking forward to another neat thing people have told me about, ‘sleep’.

I will really miss working there. The people are fun, the job wasn’t too awful, and stress levels were definately less (no one will die if you don’t get them a LACK table OMG right now).

But it came just in time. On Wednesday, I got back my lab results from the vampires bloodwork taken on Monday and my hematocrit and ferretin levels were sufficiently low for them to discuss transfusion. Which I talked them out of because 1) the US is in the middle of a blood shortage and b) transfusions suck.

Iron resistant anemia is full of fail (and flavor, but that’s another story).  

It takes 6-8 weeks for red blood cells to repopulate. That puts us to the end of May. I’m going to do my best to keep my arse on the couch (aided by the bone-deep exhaustion and shortness of breath which are hallmarks of iron-resistant anemia), which is 100,000% contrary to my Rural American Protestant Work Ethic.

In other news, it’s so wonderful to be seeing Bp. Lamb’s wee pudding face on all the blogs today. I adore that man, from the days he was my bish down in Dio.NorCal. LOVE!



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2 responses to “A Time for Healing

  1. Suzer

    Mary Sue — Praying for those red blood cells to repopulate quickly for you! As much as the idea of spending time on the couch sounds lovely, I know it gets old and boring pretty fast. I hope you’ve got enough books, dvd’s, or whatever you need to entertain you while you are healing.

  2. Add my prayers (late but, prayers nonetheless…).

    Pax, C.