I’d like to care, but my giveadamn’s broke.

Lessee, what have I done in the last seven days?

1) Turned in notice at the Big Blue Box (Job#2). My last day will be March 30th (which means that’s also my last day of health coverage). I cited concerns for my health, which has tanked since I began working 50-60 hours a week. They may be called ‘angel kisses’, but spontaneous bruising caused by low iron levels in your blood is NOT. FUN.

2)  Was informed by Job#1 that they hired someone else for the position they asked me to come back and temp in, you know, the job I’ve been doing for three months now. They want me to stick around, though, benefits-free, “until at least July”.

3) Contracted viral strep throat. Yeah. That’s the kind of fun that’s not.

4) Learned that my dear friend has finally got off his ass and purchased plane tickets. He’ll be flying to NYC on Easter Sunday and leaving a few weeks later for Africa.

So, you know, I’ve got nothing going on, except my entire world being flipped upside down and I now have to make decisions about what career path to follow and whether or not I should remain in Portland.

If anyone recognizes this freakout, it’s ’cause I am in the exact same place as I was last year.


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2 responses to “I’d like to care, but my giveadamn’s broke.

  1. Universal health care FTW! *sigh*