Brain Flip Prayers


Anyone got a reason why, when I’ve been praying lately, my brain’s decided to start substituting ‘Mother’ for ‘Father’?

Today’s installment was A General Thanksgiving during MP on the Streetcar:

Almighty God, Mother of all Mercies…

Dude, I was READING the words RIGHT OFF THE PAGE. The BCP says ‘Father’. Brain, you’d better supply some answers or else I’m going to poke you with a Q-Tip!

 (And after my little OMG BRAIN TUMOR… oh, wait, yeah, I did inflict a little bit of drain bamage on myself, huh? freakout, I shrugged and went with it.)


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  1. Now, if you should ever find yourself at Camp Grenada, that would really be a sign of God’s hand at work.