Newest Inductees to the Curchlady Handbag Brigade

The Modern Churchpeople Union blog has been my source for news about the dramarama in Mbare, Zimbabwe. Basically, to make a horrible story short, they’ve got two bishops and have gone to the federal courts to help decide which one’s the ‘real’ bishop. There’s been lying, cheating, and smacktalking galore, which from my armchair makes me want to go down their and snatch the pointy hats off the pointy heads and declare a do-over. Seriously, someone claimed that the folks charging they got hit with a stick were just ‘accidentally touched’ with a mop. *shakes head*

Out of the dramarama, though, comes this story, taken from the Herald:

EIGHT women from the St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Glen View yesterday appeared at Mbare Magistrates’ Court on allegations of malicious damage to property.

The women are part of a group which allegedly pulled down a fence and broke a french door and some windowpanes last week when they tried to forcibly evict Pastor Matthew Zifoti from a church house.

The property was valued at $23 billion [~$70,000 USD].

Among the women who appeared in court were Grace Muzondo (44), Loveness Pswavaviri (60), Penelope Muzvongi (25), Mauline Gombakomba (55), Thelma Musekiwa (50) and three others whose names were not given

Magistrate Ms Marehwanazvo Gofa remanded them out of custody on $20 million [~$600 USD] bail each and ordered them to appear in court on February 25.

More than 100 churchwomen thronged Mbare Courts in support of their arrested church-mates.

The courtroom was full to capacity with women dressed in the blue and white uniform of the Anglican Church.

Some even sat on the floor while others were following the initial remand proceedings outside the courtroom.

After the court session, the women gathered outside the court waiting for the official release of the eight around 5pm. — Court Reporter.


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